NorthWrite 2015 is on the way!

NorthWrite 2014 held in May this year was a great success. Our guest speaker and workshop presenter, Janice Galloway, was an engaging and inspiring speaker whose ideas were insightful and entertaining.

Diana Menefy and Pippa Werry’s presentations on The Truth and the Dead and War Stories for Children were well received. Participants found the overarching guidelines helpful and the content stimulating, while the notion of what children and young adults can actually cope with in terms of historical accuracy was fascinating and raised questions about how war is portrayed and sanitised for differing purposes.

Our Sunday workshops were also popular with one of the attendees telling us the Japanese poetry session (presented by Maureen Sudlow) was one of the best workshops she’d ever been to. Trish Nicholson’s workshop Finding Deep Character was excellent with lots of practical tips. This was a prototype workshop that Trish then took to Europe. If you are interested in her workshop tour read about it in her blog here. As with any workshop from the wonderful editing wizard, Lesley Marshall, participants were left hungry for more and enjoyed the combination of “broad brush” techniques as well as the “nitty gritty”. Zana Bell’s presentation, From Universes to Laundry Lists: World-building across the genres, was “unexpectedly applicable” according to one participant and provided useful advice for expanding any world, even contemporary ones. Rae Roadley’s Creative Non-fiction workshop inspired at least one attendee to start writing again, while others found the content interesting and thought provoking. The Digital Process presented by Kathy Derrick was also well received and provided excellent, practical information for loading e-books onto Amazon.

With NorthWrite 2014 behind us, it is time to look ahead to NorthWrite 2015. We are organising a one-day event focusing on various forms of indie/self-publishing and exploring the steps involved in producing a successful publication. There will be two workshop streams, one for those interested in writing for their families and/or local communities, and another for writers planning to publish for the commercial market. This will be held just outside Whangarei on 18 April 2015. We are putting the programme together now and will keep you informed on the NorthWrite site.

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