Masterclass Descriptors

Masterclass 1: Editing

10.30am – 12pm & 1 2.30pm Saturday 31 August
Simon Minto

This class will examine ideas around why people read and how stories work. It will look at different kinds of editing, from structural editing through to copyediting and proofreading, and will include an analysis of editing for structure, focusing on narrative arc, character changes, and flow. It will also look at effective and helpful ways of working with authors. Brief exercises will reinforce the ideas. This masterclass is limited to 15 participants.

Masterclass 2: Novel

3pm – 4.30pm Saturday 31 August & 10am – 11.30am Sunday 1 September
Catherine Chidgey

Bring out your tricky bits! In this masterclass, participants will explore how to turn a perceived problem or sticking point in their work into a strength. Catherine Chidgey will share some examples from her novel The Wish Child as well as from her current work-in-progress, and we will then workshop your own ‘tricky bits’ with a view to finding a powerful solution.

Important: after you have registered for the masterclass, you will be sent an email detailing how to submit an extract from a current novel-in-progress (1500 words maximum), along with a brief paragraph summarising the particular issue you are facing. You must submit this within five days of registration. You will also need to read everyone else’s work in advance (it will be emailed to you). We will not be reading submissions aloud in the workshop, so it’s vital everyone is familiar with the material. This masterclass is limited to 10–12 participants.

Masterclass 3: Poetry

11.30am – 1pm & 2 3.30pm Sunday 1 September
Harry Ricketts

Poems sometimes seem to come effortlessly, almost to write themselves. More often, we soon get stuck or find it hard even to get going. How might we kickstart a stalled poem? Alternatively, if we have been writing for some time, we can become used to certain ways of making poems, used to our own poems sounding and behaving in a particular way: how might we surprise ourselves, tap into other possibilities? Participants will be asked to submit in advance a single poem so that Harry can tailor the masterclass to the audience. This masterclass is limited to 15 participants.

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