May Workshop: Blogging for Writers

The first workshop in the NorthWrite 2020 series is Blogging for Writers presented by Wendy Wickens. It will be hosted online using the Zoom platform on 16 May from 1.00 – 3.30pm. Full instructions for using Zoom will be given to all participants prior to the event. Recordings of the event will be available for all participants attending live and will also be available to purchase if you can’t make the live event. Registrations for both the live event and the purchase of the recording close on 15 May. The fee is $20 for NZSA members and $25 for non-NZSA members.

About Wendy

Wendy is a non-fiction writer and land surveyor. She has published a self-help eBook, The Little Bullying Book, and is a regular contributor to the Kiwi Gardener Magazine. (She has also written under the name Wendy Megget and now writes as Wendy Morgan.)

Her blog has over 200 followers after a year of very leisurely blogging. Check out her website and blog at

About Blogging for Writers

Blogging is just one tool available for writers to boost their online discoverability. It can also help improve your writing confidence and create friendships all around the globe.

Wendy will work with you on various aspects of blogging. This will include:

  • How to create a genuine author profile
  • Tips for writing great content
  • Ways to increase your engagement level
  • How to link to your social media accounts
  • Ways to utilise statistics effectively
  • Information on how to increase your understanding of some of the basic technical points

Whether you already have a blog or have been thinking about starting one, this workshop will give you the direction and focus to build a blogging platform that is not a burden, but a source of real joy.

2 comments on “May Workshop: Blogging for Writers

  1. Gail F Nicholls says:

    LOVE to attend, just done my first ZOOM meditation to a world wide audience….and my book that attending your weekend what, 4-5 years ago, now in edition 3 printing stage! I learnt so much from you, and only thinking I would love to attend again…and here we are. manifestation in abundance. Thanks looking forward to Zoom catch up.

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