Do I have to book for the full conference to be able to come to the Friday opening?

No. If you would like to attend the mihi and meet-and-greet and do not plan to attend the full conference,  please use the contact form to contact the organisers. They will advise you of the price. This Friday evening event is free for those who have booked for the full conference with or without the dinner.

I want to go to more than two sessions in the same time slot. Will you be recording the sessions for participants in this situation?

Unfortunately, the sessions will not be recorded.

I want to join a master class but don’t know if I’m experienced enough.

Please use the contact form to check with the NorthWrite organisers.

I want to join the Novel Masterclass. I have published a book of short stories. Does that count as a book length work of fiction?


I want to join the Novel Masterclass but don’t know how to submit my sample.

When you register and enrol for the masterclass you will be given instructions on how to submit your sample.

My question isn’t here.

Please use the contact form to ask your question and the Northwrite organisers will respond.