Publishing Descriptors

Top 10 Publishing Trends (webinar)

10.30am Saturday 30 August
Jim Azevedo of Smashwords

Jim Azevedo of Smashwords discusses book publishing trends and contemporary issues transforming the future of authorship. You’ll learn how the playing field isn’t just level – it’s tilted to the indie (aka self-published) author’s advantage.  You’ll understand why the former stigma of being a self-published author is evaporating and being replaced with growing pride and professionalism. Delivered from the perspective of ebook self-publishing, this programme will provide writers with the knowledge to confront challenges and take advantage of the opportunities in book publishing today.

Pre-publication steps for publishing your ebook

1pm Saturday 30 August
Leeanna Morgan

Have you written the next Jack Reacher novel and don’t know what to do next? Leeanna Morgan will demystify the world of self-publishing and show you how to share your book with the world. In this workshop you will learn about formatting, branding, covers, metadata, and the importance of awesome front and back matter. This workshop is valuable for writers publishing their book in ebook and/or print formats.

Publication steps for publishing your ebook

3pm Saturday 30 August
Leeanna Morgan

In this workshop, Leeanna Morgan will show you how to create your author account and upload your ebook to online retailers. We will also discuss pre-orders, websites, newsletters, advertising, and social media marketing. This workshop is valuable for writers publishing their book in ebook and/or print formats.

Creating your print book using online print on demand (POD) services.

10am Sunday 1 September
Leeanna Morgan

If publishing your book in hardcover or paperback formats seems daunting, this is the workshop for you! Leeanna will guide you through the process of creating your book using Amazon’s POD service and discuss the differences between IngramSpark, Draft 2 Digital and other POD services. Topics covered include formatting, pricing, covers, distribution, and set-up costs.

Traditional Publishing: Getting through the door

11.30am Sunday 1 September
Eboni Waitere

Content to be confirmed.

Publishing Panel

2pm Sunday 1 September
Convened by Simon Minto

A panel discussion with representatives from Annual Ink, HUIA Publishers, One Tree House and Magpie Pulp, answering the questions you wish you’d thought to ask.